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The young man stripped off his clothes in a hurry, revealing his naked body to the girl beneath him. She gasped as he draped himself over her, eyes wide with anticipation. His hands explored her body greedily as he positioned himself between her legs and without warning, his rock hard cock drove into her. The sensations were intense for them both, each thrust pushing them to heights of pleasure they had never experienced before. His body moved against hers as he fucked her harder and harder, sending ripples of pleasure deep within her. He felt her climax and smiled as he drove himself to his own intense orgasm, his blazing body heat coming to meet hers. The girl gasped beneath him as she felt the explosion of raw passion as the man came deep inside her. His naked body stilled as they enjoyed the aftershocks of their pleasure before finally pulling apart. They lay still a moment, both content as they had just experienced something truly special.

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