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Sara was a beautiful Korean woman that had curves in all the right places. Her body was pure perfection with firm and striking breasts. Today she was lying beneath an older man, her body completely naked, and she felt a delightful pleasure fill her as he licked and fondled her chest. Slowly he moved his hands further south, teasing her nipples and then down between her legs. She moaned with a deep pleasure and arousal. His fingers explored everything about her, pushing her closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm. Suddenly his hands were gone and she felt his hard member pushing inside her. With every inch inside her a wave of pleasure flushed through her, every motion eliciting moans and soft whimpers of pleasure. She clung to him tightly as the sensations flooded her body until finally his thrusts hit her sweet spot and she cries out in pure pleasure. Sara's body was quivering from the orgasmic pleasure as she felt the deep thrusts of her lover, the older man bringing her ever closer to an explosion of pleasure. Finally, with one last thrust he released into her, his body shuddering with pleasure. This beautiful Korean woman was finally fulfilled, her nipples still tingling and her insides filled to the brim from their guilty pleasure.

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