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She felt a rush of excitement as her partner kissed her neck. Her nipples hardened beneath his touch as his hands lingered on her naked breasts. She gasped as he fondled them and caressed her curves. Her partner moved lower and she felt a thrill as his mouth found her nipples. He sucked them hungrily, causing her to moan in pleasure. He trailed his tongue slowly down her stomach until his lips reached her moist pussy. His tongue explored her depths, sending her body into a frenzy of pleasure. As she reached her peak, her partner changed position and she felt the tip of his hard cock pressing against her. She guided him further inside her and they rocked back and forth, their bodies growing slick with sweat. She moaned with pleasure as he filled her completely and moved faster and faster. The sensations became too much and she screamed out with pleasure as they both reached their climax.

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