amateur asian having sex with dildo in bathroom

A timid Asian amateur was sitting nervously in the bathroom, holding a dildo in his lap. For the first time ever he was feeling the tingling pleasure of an aroused state, and he felt his heart beat faster. He touched the firm tip of the dildo to the eagerness of his skin and let out a soft moan as delight washing through him. Slowly he began to rub the dildo up and down against him, savoring the new sensations. He felt an arousing heat grow deep within and quickly he moved the dildo faster and faster, letting the pleasure build and burst. He gasped as his orgasm shook his body, delight radiating outward in waves of pleasure. He smiled to himself as he lay in his petite frame, calm and content. It was a feeling he now knew and wouldn't be forgotten, the satisfaction of his amateur Asian sex session with a dildo in the bathroom.

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