an asian girl on the bed fingering her ass

Tiana was a petite Asian girl, who loved exploring her own body. Tonight was no different, as she lay on her bed, her fingers tracing along her soft skin. She slid her fingers along her waistline before moving them between her legs, feeling the warmth emanating from her tight pussy. But the feeling of pleasure was not enough for Tiana tonight. She wanted something new, something she had never experienced before. Curiosity was winning out, and before long her fingers were exploring even further south, reaching her tight ass. Tiana felt a jolt of pleasure as she slipped her fingers into her ass, exploring the tightness she had never let herself experience before. She pushed further and further, the pleasure intensifying with each passing moment. Before she knew it, it had consumed her and ecstasy shook her body as she lay on the bed, her fingers still deep inside her ass.

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