an chinese woman giving a hand job to her boyfriend

Ling-Yi was a passionate Chinese woman. She had a gentle spirit yet her desire for her lover always burned bright. As she touched him with gentle strokes, her fingers traveled up his leg. She felt his breath quicken and knew she wanted to pleasure him further. Slowly, Ling-Yi moved her hand up until she was grasping his manhood. She nervously began to carefully massage him, slowly and deliberately. As she felt him writhe with pleasure, a warmth spread through her body. Ling-Yi felt powerful as she continued to pleasure him with her talented hands. The sensation was intoxicating for Ling-Yi and her boyfriend. Their moans filled the room as Ling-Yi brought him to the brink of ecstasy. As his body shivered with pleasure, Ling-Yi felt proud to have given her man such bliss. They were grateful to have each other and the intimacy they shared.

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