an filipina chick has long and big hairy legs on her face

Suzy was a Filipina chick with a secret. She had long and big hairy legs that curled around her beautiful face like a mask. Whenever she went out, she would make sure to put on her makeup so that no one would know. One day, she decided to show off her secret to her date. She went to the bathroom and shaved her legs. When she came back out, her date's jaw dropped. The silky smoothness of her legs stood out in contrast to her lovely face, and he couldn't take his eyes off them. Suzy slowly brought her legs up and draped them around his neck. His heart raced faster as she gently pulled his face against her legs. The feel of her hairy legs on his skin brought him great pleasure. As he languished in her embrace, he began to caress her legs with admiration. They kissed passionately as Suzy let out a soft sigh of contentment. She knew that her long and big hairy legs were her secret weapon - and the only way to make her date this happy!

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