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Ming and Ling had a different kind of craving for each other. Sure, they were both physically aroused by traditional ways, but now they wanted something more. And so they decided to experiment with each other's body. Ming began by licking Ling's neck and slowly moving down lower and lower until her mouth was upon her delicate clitoris. Ling had butterflies in her stomach with every breath Ming took. As her soft lips moved and teased Ling with her tongue, she began to finger her tight, asian butt while she sucked her clit. Ling moaned in pleasure as this combination of sensations started to bring her closer and closer to her climax. Then, Ming moved even lower and stuck out her tongue to taste every inch of Ling's body. Ling wrapped her arms around Ming as she sucked her cock and fingered her tight butt simultaneously, sending shivers of pleasure through Ling's entirebeing. As their desire for eachother peaked, they both experienced a mind-blowing orgasm. Ming and Ling kissed passionately afterwards, feeling satisfied in a way they never had before. The combination of sucking, fingering and exploring eachother's asian bodies had been a beautiful experience they'd never forget.

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