asian beauty sucks on dick after swallowing a thick cream

She had the most beautiful asian face, her creamy skin begging to be touched. As she watched him, she could feel the growing lust between them. She slowly moved closer to him, their eyes locked as she tasted his lips with hers. He couldn't contain himself any longer and pulled her closer to him. He guided her down onto his lap and undid his zipper. Wrapped between his arms, she opened his mouth and slowly licked him from top to bottom. With a soft moan, his hands tangled in her hair and the intensity between them grew. She could feel herself getting aroused, so she opened her mouth and took his manhood as deep as she could. Swallowing thick cream, she sucked, licked and teased his length. Slowly she increased her speed, enjoying the taste and savoring his moan of pleasure. Hegroaned in pleasure as she sucked him passionately, their lust impossibly thick between them. Her asian beauty amplified his pleasure, pushing him towards his climax. He couldn't resist any longer, and, as she continued to suck his length, he finally released his ecstasy.

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