asian girl taking an oral b

Alice was a beautiful Asian girl, with soft, tanned skin and dark, almond eyes. She had always been told that she had the sexiest mouth of anyone she knew. Today, she was about to experience something that she had been looking forward to for a long time. She had bought an Oral B, to care for her teeth and give her the perfect, most kissable smile. Alice couldn't resist admiring her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she put the Oral B in her hand. She started to move it around her mouth, glad that it was surprisingly comfortable. The bristles felt so smooth sliding around her tongue, and she found herself becoming aroused. Alice began to moan as the Oral B ran over her teeth and sent waves of pleasure through her body. She felt so alive, so free, as if this was the thing she had been missing all along. She was in love with this simple device that promised so much and delivered even more. Alice smiled to herself as she finished, feeling confident that her oral experience had been nothing short of amazing. She had discovered a new kind of pleasure that she was sure would become a regular part of her life.

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