indian women laying on bed, a man giving her blow job

Serena lay on the bed, her toned body begging for exploration. She felt her body quiver in anticipation as surreptitious eyes inspected her vulnerability. Her breathing intensified as the man lowered himself onto her bed. He leaned in and she shivered in delight as he kissed her neck. His hands reached towards her breast, sending electricity coursing through her veins. His mouth explored her neck as she grabbed his Indian features and pulled him back towards her. The man moved further down her body, trailing kisses as he went. Serena felt so alive and so aroused as he reached the juncture between her legs. His skillful mouth moved to give her pleasure, and Serena felt waves of pleasure wash over her like the Indian ocean. The sensation was exquisite and she grabbed the man’s head, guiding him deeper for more intimate attention. The man indulged her needs, providing her with a sensation and pleasure she wanted to savour.

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