nail and pussy play in hotel room

It was a night they had been waiting for. They had spent months planning and dreaming of this moment. Both had fantasized about what could happen. They had finally arrived to the hotel room. The room was dimly lit, adding a touch of mystery in the air. He moved towards the bed and lay down, eagerly expecting what was to come. She removed her clothing slowly, teasing him as she revealed more and more of her beautiful body. She kneeled beside him and began to pamper his body with her soft, delicate hands, all over his body. Having noticed his pleasure she moved towards the bedside table and reached for the items they had brought. She drew her finger up his leg, up to his inner thigh. Taking the first nail she teased his aroused area, getting him to experience a delicious mix of pleasure and pain as she circled it around his most sensitive parts. It was followed by her secret weapon: a small, crystal pony. With each stroke, the sensations intensified, as though the two of them were connected at a different level. Finally, the night ended with a blissful pleasure that they both craved. It was a night they would never forget.

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