taken by a woman laying down and taking her cock

He was mesmerized by the woman laying down before him, her beautiful curves begging to be touched. He felt himself tremble with desire as he approached her, his own cock hardening in anticipation of what was to come. He gently stroked her soft skin as she inched closer to him, until finally his large hands grasped her hips firmly, lifting her up to take his cock. He was amazed by her moan of pleasure as they moved together, his thrusts becoming more urgent as his desire grew with each passionate minute that passed. He could feel her spasms as they rocked together, the sensations of her muscles clenching around him nearly pushing him over the edge. He held her tight, every moment searing into his mind as they moved together in perfect harmony until finally they both reached a shared orgasm. In that exquisite moment, he knew he’d never forget the feeling of being truly taken by a woman.

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