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She was a Thai girl, living in England, still a novice to western culture despite living their for some years. She had heard of pornography but found most of it uninteresting. That is, until she stumbled across Indian porn with a large cock. She was mesmerized the moment she saw it, somehow knowing that it would be something special. The man in the video had an impressive physique, a toned body with muscles that made her mouth water. But most of all, she was captivated by his large cock, the source of the pleasure she was sure she would soon experience. She let the scene unfold as she started touching herself, and soon felt the same pleasure the actor must have been feeling. The Thai girl's orgasm came hard and fast, her body trembling with pleasure as the scene of that impressive Indian cock entered her memory forever. The British amateur porn she had seen before could never compare to the pleasure and amazement she found in that scene.

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