this is a girl using her pussy to massage herself

The girl gave her pussy a soft massage as her fingertips grazed over her sensitive skin. She felt herself become aroused as her hands moved around the outside of her nethers. She gently circled her clit, tantalizing her own desire, and she pushed her finger further inside her soft folds. She felt her inner walls expand and contract as an intense orgasm built up within her. Just as her pleasure reached an unforgettable climax, she switched tactics and ran her hands down either side of her pussy. Her breaths became deeper and faster, her arousal magnified by her own touch. As the sensations increased, she ran her hands up and down her whole frame, massaging her own pleasure spots. The girl had never before experienced such an intense pleasure and surrendered herself to complete satisfaction with a groan of pleasure. No one else had ever given her a massage as wondrous as this - it was better than any she had had before and that made her all the more grateful for her pussy's power.

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