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He couldn't believe his luck as he looked at her - laying so deliciously in the bed, her eyes softened and inviting. Her body was full and inviting, slick with sweat and waiting so tempting for him. She had one slender arm draped over her breasts, artfully hiding them and begging to be revealed. He moved towards her, his desire growing. She smiled eagerly, her lips painted a soft pink and inviting. He brushed his lips against hers, feeling her body heat and the sweet taste of her skin. His hands moved over her curves, savoring every inch of her body. He felt his arousal deepen as he caressed her soft Asian skin, feeling her warmth and wetness under his hands. She moaned softly, her body quivering as he clarified her craving for more. He wanted to capture this moment forever - this exquisite blend of skin and sex. He opened his camera and took a photo of her laid out before him in all of her glory, her tits and pussy framed perfectly with the hint of a naughty smile still on her face. He could only hope the photo could capture the moment as perfectly as he felt then.

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