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Mia, a young Asian woman, took her huge cock in her hands. She had never felt something so big and pleasurable before. Her petite frame was trembling with anticipation as she started to stroke it, the texture was like velvet, intensifying the pleasure she was feeling. Adorned with a cherry-red lipstick, her usually shy lips curled into a seductive smile, the sensation in her loins becoming stronger and stronger. As she continued to massage her huge cock, she felt her heart rate increase and her breathing become deeper. She was getting closer and closer to her climax. Mia closed her eyes as she increased the speed of her strokes. Her mind was filled with visions of herself coming, and this only made her want it more. Finally, with a moan of pleasure, she felt a delicious explosion that sent sensations of pleasure all through her body. As she lay there, feeling exhausted and satisfied, she realized she was completely addicted to the power of her huge cock.

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